Premier Hybrid Vehicles – Ford Escape Hybrid

The term hybrid cars refer to those vehicles which require the usage of two or more power resources in order to ensure its proper functioning. The most important component of the hybrid cars is the internal combustion engine which is accompanied by an on-board rechargeable energy storage system which is popularly referred to as RESS. The hybrid cars are considered to be extremely beneficial for use as various experimentations and evidences have contributed extensively to prove that the level of carbon emissions form these hybrid vehicles are very low compared to the other vehicles and therefore less detrimental in causing harm to the environment. Hybrid electric vehicles are a variant of the hybrid vehicles and these HEVs make use of electric batteries which are rechargeable and these batteries are instrumental in providing power to the electric motors. The hybrid electric vehicles also make use of gasoline engines at times apart from using internal combustion engines.

The Ford Escape Hybrid or the Ford Escape SUV is a premier gas-electric hybrid vehicle which was introduced in 2004 by the Ford Motor Company. This car has the unique distinction of being the first hybrid SUV to hit the roads. It is interesting to note that the Ford Escape Hybrid or the Ford Escape SUV functions with the aid of a complete hybrid electric system which offers multifarious options for the engine to perform its functions. To elaborate simply, this hybrid electric system allows the car to revert automatically from functioning on pure gasoline engine power or electric power or it may also enable both the electric power and the gasoline engine power to perform together. In this way it is possible for the Ford Escape Hybrid to perform efficiently and ensure maximum utilization.

Another significant feature of the Ford Escape Hybrid or the Ford Escape SUV is that it incorporates the program of regenerative braking. By implementing this mode, it is possible for the car to restore some amount of electricity in the storage batteries with the electric drive motor performing the function of a generator. It can be pointed out here that the Ford Escape Hybrid has proved to comply with the rules and regulations regarding the level of emissions in order to ensure pollution control. The plug-in hybrid vehicle is another variant of the hybrid vehicles and various plug-in hybrid versions of the Ford Escape Hybrid have been introduced in the recent times.