Electric Hybrid Cars Vs HHO Gas Hybrid Cars – Which Is Better?

Hybrid cars are the hit of the day in the automotive business. And that’s understandable. The rising oil prices of today – at the time of this writing, they’re 8 times what they were in 1999,and twice what they were just over a year ago – drag the gasoline and diesel fuel prices up with them. Two common hybrid car options exist today.

Electric hybrid vehicles use an electric motor alongside the gasoline or diesel motor. The electric motor kicks in when your car is idle (for example, standing at a red traffic light), replacing the regular internal combustion motor in action, and as a result increasing your car’s fuel economy and reducing emissions which are bad for your health and the environment in general. This is the type of hybrid car you can find at the dealership near you.

While they have important advantages, electric hybrid cars also have some major drawbacks.

  • The first is these cars use two separate engines. So in order to have a hybrid car of this type work, you need a whole new engine alongside the one you already know.
  • The second one is the environmental one. Hybrid cars are good for the environment compared with the regular gasoline or diesel car – there is no argument about that. But the benefit to the environment doesn’t happen all the time. It happens only when the car is idle, and the electric motor is in action. If the car is not idle for extended periods of time – for example, driving long distances on a freeway – there is no chance for the electric motor to do its thing. The diesel or gasoline motor works all the time, and in that case there is no reduction in noise or emissions over the regular, internal combustion motor car. It’s as if the electric motor isn’t there.
  • The third one, which is partly linked to the first one, is that it’s very difficult to convert a regular car with a gasoline motor or a diesel one into a hybrid electric vehicle. That is done either by professional mechanics, or by very dedicated hobbyists who have vast mechanical knowledge and are willing to spend a lot of money on buying the electrical motor and the necessary accessories, and a lot of time in performing this rather complex conversion themselves. If you are an average guy like me, with average mechanical knowledge, you wouldn’t do that yourself considering the complexity of the labor and the big financial investment involved. You would let a professional do it for you, or as in most cases – sell your car and buy a new, hybrid car. In any case, you would spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The other type of hybrid vehicles catching on today is based on HHO gas as the additional propellant to gasoline or diesel fuel. HHO gas – AKA Brown’s Gas, Oxyhydrogen, or Aquygen – can be made out of water in the engine, on demand. So the additional propellant is actually water. Here is where you can read more about HHO gas and the process of making it in a car engine.

Hybrid cars with HHO gas have all the advantages of electric hybrid cars. They increase fuel economy, reduce noise, and reduce emissions. The big thing here is that hybrid cars with HHO gas as the additional propellant also kill the disadvantages of hybrid electric cars. A regular car with a regular internal combustion motor can be converted into an HHO gas hybrid car in a simple, quick, cheap process. There is no need for more than a minimal amount of mechanical knowledge involved, so you can do the conversion yourself, using a guide and a kit of hardware you can buy at your regular hardware store.

HHO aids gasoline or diesel fuel in running your engine all the time. That means that even when you drive on a freeway without stopping, you save on fuel, and you reduce noise and emissions.

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