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Premier Hybrid Vehicles – Ford Escape Hybrid

The term hybrid cars refer to those vehicles which require the usage of two or more power resources in order to ensure its proper functioning. The most important component of the hybrid cars is the internal combustion engine which is accompanied by an on-board rechargeable energy storage system which is popularly referred to as RESS. The hybrid cars are considered to be extremely beneficial for use as various experimentations and evidences have contributed extensively to prove that the level of carbon emissions form these hybrid vehicles are very low compared to the other vehicles and therefore less detrimental in causing harm to the environment. Hybrid electric vehicles are a variant of the hybrid vehicles and these HEVs make use of electric batteries which are rechargeable and these batteries are instrumental in providing power to the electric motors. The hybrid electric vehicles also make use of gasoline engines at times apart from using internal combustion engines.

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A Brief History of Electric Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles are automobiles which make use of a combination of conventional propulsion systems and rechargeable energy storage systems (RESS). The purpose for combining these two different power sources is to achieve improved fuel economy in hybrid electric vehicles compared to the conventional cars and trucks. Then, batteries are just used for support, and limited propulsion needs, without requiring any recharging due to the storage and energy renewal system.

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Electric Hybrid Cars Vs HHO Gas Hybrid Cars – Which Is Better?

Hybrid cars are the hit of the day in the automotive business. And that’s understandable. The rising oil prices of today – at the time of this writing, they’re 8 times what they were in 1999,and twice what they were just over a year ago – drag the gasoline and diesel fuel prices up with them. Two common hybrid car options exist today.

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